Norfolk Platter: £7 per head
• Selection of Norfolk cheeses
• Norfolk fruit chutney
• Freshly-baked Bray Cottage porkpie
• Oatmeal biscuits and a basket of rustic bread
• Narborough Hall Piccalilli
• Homemade Breckland Sausage-rolls

Mexican Comfort Food £10 per head
We serve a bowl of chili with a rich heat from our garden red chili, coriander and cardamom. This can easily be vegetarian.
• Sides of cheese, salsa, fresh coriander, sour cream and chunky guacamole
• Baskets of nachos

If you want to add something sweet we suggest a zingy lime pie for £3.50 per head

Italian Comfort Food £10 per head
Because we grow our own tomatoes, basil etc, Italian food works so well here. Italian cooking is based on clear simple flavours and the ingredients need to be fresh and full of flavour.
• Classic lasagne with a bay leaf and nutmeg flavoured béchamel. This can also be vegetarian.
• Spicy sausage penne pasta with a touch of chili, rosemary and garlic
• Sides of fresh basil pesto, Italian baby-leaf salad and a simple garden tomato salad with mozzarella

If you would like to add a pudding then Tiramisu is obviously a nice treat. £3.50 per head.

Comforting Curries £10 per head
Even though this is England we grow a lot of herbs and spices that are associated with eastern cuisine, such as chili, coriander seeds, lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon and Thai basil. We can serve bowls of any of the following:
• Chicken korma or madras curry
• Thai green-curry, prawn or vegetarian
Both served with sides of steamed rice, fresh coriander, almonds and marigold petals.

For dessert we would suggest a Ruby Garden fruit and flower petal salad £2.50.

British Comfort Food £10 per head
• Shepherds Pie
• A traditional lamb and potato pie served with sides of roasted vegetables and garden peas
• Fish and Chips:
Freshly cooked fillets of fish with triple cooked chips, vinegar and sea salt.
• Slow roasted Pork
A tender pork roast with a Bramley apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing. This can be served on a warm mustardy potato mash or in a soft roll.
• Sausage and Mash
• Hearty King Edward mashed potato and Papworth’s champion Norfolk sausages, served with a rich garden onion gravy.
One for the farming community!
• A lovely rich stew of beef, carrots and parsnips served with Norfolk dumplings

For dessert we would suggest a warming fruit crumble and thick cream. £3.50 per head.

If you would like an evening BBQ we can serve a variety of food. Norfolk sausages, chicken, beef burgers, falafel and buttery garden sweet corn are always popular. This option comes with spicy barbecue sauce, chunky cucumber, tomato, pepper, feta and mint salad, garden leaves, coleslaw, tomato ketchup, mayo and baskets of soft bread rolls.

£14 per head for a two-portion visit to the BBQ.

For the evening BBQ we supply forks, paper napkins and paper plates.

Something simple
• Bacon butties £6 each
• Soft roll, crispy bacon and ketchup
• Jacket potatoes and cheese £6 each with chili and cheese £10 each